Motivation of the Day – A Good Mom, Not a Perfect One

I wanted to quick share a great little article I just read. It’s amazing what you find out when you get out and speak with other mothers on a completely honest level. Most of us are feeling very similar to this and need to remember to cut ourselves some slack.

A Good Mother Instead of a Perfect One


I’m a true roller coaster of emotion today as we send our little boy out into the world of school for the first time.
Yes, it’s only preschool. Yes, it’s only for 3 hours 2 days a week. Yes, I took 37 pictures and am a slight basket case. But this is a pretty momentous occasion for our little family and our first born little buddy.

Walking into school

Lately I’ve been having a very rough time as a mom. Jay is a very spirited child which makes him hilarious and loving and smart. It also makes him defiant, stubborn and all out crazy sometimes. I love him more than anything but he can push me to the brink of my sanity in every possible way. It has gotten to the point where I feel like I can’t deal. I’ve been searching for a balance everywhere. Looking at going back to work, focusing on some kind of hobbies, or just straight up becoming an alcoholic. So far none of these options have really blossomed. But I am really getting to know my Pinot Noirs…

So I’ve been sort of guiltily looking forward to the “break” preschool is going to give me and the stimulation and structure it’s going to give Jay. There is no worse feeling in the world than the feeling of not being a good enough mom to your kids. And on top of that, getting to the point where you almost don’t care. I know I’ve got some of my own issues to work out in order to be able to fully embrace my role as a mom and to still maintain my own identity. I never realized how much not having a job would affect me and I’m trying to deal with that. But I’m hoping absence will make the heart grow fonder for both of us. I was so excited to pick Jay up and he was equally excited to see me and Hanna walk through the door. He is an amazing little boy. I just hope I can continue to be the mom he needs me to be. I think preschool will be a good first step in getting back to that place. 🙂



White Fence Farm

I am lucky enough to be holding a Stella & Dot event at White Fence Farm. It is a real Denver tradition and an adorable place to go with your family. We had never been to the grounds and I wanted to check out the space where we will be having the trunk show so the fam and I headed over on Saturday night. We all had a blast strolling around playing in the amazing tree house (seriously this thing is cool), petting the animals, and perusing the shops. I’m sooo excited for the event!!



Mother’s Day

The fam got me a sewing machine for Mother’s Day and I could not be more excited! Granted I am a complete sewing novice, I have big plans for my machine. After I learn how to even thread the needle, I think we will have a long and creative relationship together.

Other than that, we all hung out watching Lion King (Jay’s movie flavor of the month), taking naps (heavenly), and playing outside. I had a great day with my babies and the hubs. I’m a lucky lady.



Mom Enough

If you have even glanced at the internet within the last few days you have heard about the controversial cover story in Time Magazine. The mag plasters a breastfeeding mom on the cover. Not the biggest deal right? The kid is 3. People are weirded out. The article is not just about nursing older kids. It’s about the expectations of motherhood and how it effects every aspect of a woman’s life.

I must admit, I have fallen prey to mommy guilt, mommy comparisons, mommy judgements, and at times even mommy despair. I know people say its because of things like the explosion of social media like pinterest showcasing all of the incredible meals and crafts I should be doing with my kids. Or the hippie resurgence of natural births, prolonged breast feeding, and pre-chewing your kids food (anyone see Alicia Silverstone do this??? I MEAN COME ON). And as always, strangers love to share their opinions on how YOU are raising YOUR kids. I was recently told it was a bad idea to have my son in soccer because he is too young. Or if I even hold my daughter because she was in her car carrier. Who do you think you are asking a mother if she holds her own baby? Two words for that lady. Shut. Up.

But I don’t blame anyone but myself. I have an incredible support system. My family is very positive about my choices and my husband is my biggest cheerleader. I bring it all on myself and I know it. In one form or another I ask myself if I’m “mom enough” at least once each day. Not to mention “wife enough”, “friend enough”, “woman enough”. After reading the Time article, peoples crazy responses on Facebook etc, I felt compelled to write a response of my own. But then my kids started crying and pooping their pants so I am going to share a blog that says pretty much exactly how I feel about it. 🙂

mom enough response

Because it shouldn’t be about who can nurse their kids the longest or gave birth in their kitchen sink. If you have happy, healthy, well adjusted children you are doing something right. And no, it will never be perfect. And no, you are never going to look the same in your pre-baby clothes. Trust me.

Stella & Dot

Drum roll please…
I am thrilled to announce my new business endeavor as a Stella & Dot stylist! Let me tell you, I’m seriously super jazzed about this opportunity. I have been in a SAHM rut. I’ve been yearning for an adult challenge besides trying to see if I can clean the bathroom before the kids wake up from their naps. I’m so ready to push myself out of my comfort zone, earn some extra money, and get out of the house, all while decked out in some glam accessories.

Thank you for all of your support! I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me!



Blog Slacking

Sorry all for my blog slacking. The daily updates the grandparents have come to expect are just not feasible for me right now. (I hear the collective grandparent groan and I’m politely ignoring it). But I am going to try to get a good update in tonight. I have lots of pictures, kid updates, and some exciting personal news to announce as well. Stay tuned!

*golf claps*