Craft of the Month – The Thankful Tree

We have been stressed out as a family for awhile. But we have been making conscious strides at taking time to appreciate what we have. So in the spirit of the upcoming November holiday I declared we start a new tradition- the thankful tree. Each night after dinner we sit as a family and share what we are thankful for that day. It’s easy and simple but impact full and a great reminder to be happy with what we have.

Craft of the Month- Thankful Tree
– Stick/branch found in the yard
– construction Paper leaves
– Twine

Jay is loving this. Everyday he reminds us it’s time to make our thankful leaves. That alone makes it worth it. Our plan is to take all of the leaves off on thanksgiving and read everyone’s leaves. The ultimate goal is to save each years leaves and re-read them later. Cheesy, maybe. Impact full for a 3 year old, hopefully. Adorable? Absolutely!




Sorry for the blog slacking. We’ve been busy with Halloween, traveling to my parents house, and another round of colds sweeping through the kids. It’s the time of year when we’re sick more often than well… Ugh. I should buy stock in Kleenex.

We had a great Halloween. Lots of fun crafts and treats, parades, parties and trick or treating. Jay made quite the haul and we are still enjoying the spoils. I will update more soon. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Now it’s time to really gear up for the holidays!





Fun, Food, Crafts, and Chili

Whoa how is it only Tuesday?!

Yesterday we painted some of the baby pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this weekend. The kids love doing anything crafty and messy so this was a big hit.




This morning Jay is at school and I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row for the first annual chili cook-off at Jay’s preschool tomorrow. I volunteered to head it up which has been fun so far but now I’m getting kind of stressed out. I’m baking for it today and my first recipe has turned out great and sooo easy. Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles check it out here.


Later today I will attempt a chocolate cake so keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have a feeling it will probably be a failure. Ha. When it comes to baking in Colorado I just keep crashing and burning…

Off to go pick up Jay from school and continue this self-induced volunteer parent madness. What was I thinking?!

Sick, sick, sick

Our weekend was a bust. We had big plans to hit up the pumpkin patch and get a bunch of chores done around the house. All of these plans were thwarted by the first illness of the season. It hit Jay first on Friday, Hanna Saturday and Colin and me today. We’ve all been in bed by at least 8pm all three nights and have barely taken off our pj’s.


One cute thing that came out of the weekend is Jay’s new found interest in tea. We’ve been drinking a ton of it hoping to ward off the plague our children were carrying and he takes sips here and there. He asked Colin for it saying “Daddy I’m sick. I need some hot tea”. What a tiny English gentleman! (Then he wipes snot all over his face and coughs directly into your mouth).

Hopefully this week brings healthy vibes our way.


Sick baby snuggling daddy.

Toy Hangover

I recently bought a shelving unit with color coded baskets and spent hours organizing the kids toys. I purged some stuff and arranged things in a more “play-friendly” manner for our little people. I started to feel more on top of our situation. Then the birthday happened…

And with the all the great fun of the birthday party comes the aftermath. Until today, I couldn’t quite articulate how I felt about what was happening in our living room. But then I came across the most hilarious and concise way to describe it – a toy hangover.

Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for all of the amazing gifts Jay received for his birthday. (we really are. And I promise to prove it to you with thank you cards… someday). But our house is tiny and these toys keep multiplying and I’m starting to freak out. Where should I put this stuff?!

All I know is that I have a major hangover and I’m not quite sure what the metaphor for aspirin and gatorade in this story is just yet. Maybe for Jay’s fourth birthday we will get him a POD.

Three Years Old

Wow, what an amazing and crazy ride these last 3 years have been. I’ve been trying to think of a way to properly describe the emotions I have as a parent of a now 3 year old little boy. But nothing appropriate comes to mind. It’s impossible to clearly and correctly convey just how much you can love something that drives you so crazy. Jay has been a lot to handle from the start. By 2 weeks old he weighed more than I was supposed to be lifting after my c-section for crying out loud. (almost 10 lbs at birth and they tell you not to lift anything more than 10. Riiiiight). My back still aches just remembering what a giant kid he was. He’s still a big kid but now he has a big personality to match and each day brings us something completely new.

Trying to deal with a 3 year old is a lot like trying to predict which way a football will bounce. He can sit quietly, pay attention and absorb information or he completely goes nuts and starts spinning in circles and speaking in tongues. Jay can be very shy but once he opens up to you he’s your buddy for life and you will never get him to be quiet! He loves fiercely and is already “protecting” his sister when the kids play outside but he has no problem casually pushing her into the ground giving her a bloody forehead gash. Oh, siblings…

Our big boy achieved a lot of amazing things this year. He played on his first sports team, was potty trained, started preschool, and racked up some frequent flyer miles with all our crazy traveling. He’s old enough to have “favorites” and the things he tells us have Colin and I dying of laughter. We are so lucky to have such a rambunctious, lively, adventurous little boy.

We love you Jay. Happy Birthday big boy. xoxo


Surprise Trip to the Mountains

Colin called me around 10 am yesterday saying we were going to go to Keystone for a work conference he had…that night. No biggie other than he gave me no other info, the kids were being nuts, and I was going on my second full day of “single motherhood” and completely strung out. (This week has been extra busy for Colin. Leaving before we wake up and returning after kids asleep). Nevertheless, I somehow got us all packed and ready to go and we made it last night in one piece.

While Colin headed over to his conference this am the kids and I decided to go explore. We drove into Dillon and had breakfast at a super cute and super delicious local restaurant. The kids were reasonably well behaved aside from Jay constantly asking to go potty (not an easy task when your alone with two kids – bringing everyone and all your stuff into a tiny stall etc.) So that was fun.


From there we walked towards Lake Dillon to continue exploring. On the way down we came across an AWESOME playground right on the lake. It was gorgeous as the aspens are in full effect up here. The kids went buck wild and we played for a long time until Jay had to go potty again. I tell ya this potty thing is a blessing and a curse. Ha. It ended up being a super great morning and we are very thankful to get these opportunities.





I am now trying in vain to get them to nap. The pictures were just too fun not to share and I’m trying to maintain my sanity in a tiny room with two overtired children until daddy rescues me. 🙂