New job and new pics

It’s been busy around the Mielke household again. I just started a new job with a law firm. I’ll be doing similar work but in a smaller office setting. Also, we’re plugging along on the closing process on our new home. As long as everything goes well we’ll be in our new place at the end of July. Here are some pictures I’ve been meaning to post.






Long overdue pics

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while, so I’ll make side I post them tonight. In other good news, Emily and I put an offer in on a house and it was accepted. We’ll post some pics of if later (I have a million more I haven’t found yet). In the meantime, here are the kids.






This post is more for personal documentary purposes (i.e. no pictures) than anything else, but Emily and I are extremely proud of Jay today. Today we were driving home from Lincoln (we spent the weekend there for Memorial Day), and Jay spoke his first phrase in Spanish to us. Hanna asked where Parker was (he was wandering somewhere in the car) and I asked “donde” (“where?”) in response. Jay followed with “donde estas un perro?” Which means “where is your dog?”
I knew Jay could recite Spanish words that he learned in school, but this was the first time we realized that he is on his way to speaking Spanish in a conversational manner. Needless to say, we are proud parents today and very excited to expand on his bilingualism.

New photos of the kids

Just wanted to post some new photos of the kids. The kids and I went dinosaur hunting at a local fossil bed recently and got to see t-Rex and triceratops tracks fossilized in a cliff next to one of my favorite golf courses. Before that the kids and I enjoyed a lovely morning at the dentist and a healthy snack of gelato afterwards. Now that summer is here, the only thing we’re missing is the pool…hopefully it’ll open soon so the kids can play in one bigger than the wading pool we got from the grocery store last week.







Jay spent Thursday morning with Emily at take your kid to work day and he loved it. Then we all met up for lunch and Jay and I took the afternoon to go hiking at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. Jay was a great little hiker and it ended up being a special day where Jay got to spend some alone time with mom and dad.