Sunday Funday

The Mielkes had quite the fun Sunday today. We spent the better part of this morning sawing through drywall to try and fit a shower basin into our gutted bathroom to finally finish it, only to find out we need to move the drain to line up with the basin’s drain hole. We then went to the grocery store where Jay ran away from Emily and nearly gave her a heart attack (at least I found him in the vegetable aisle and not the candy aisle…a little bit of silver lining). To finish things off, Hanna threw a fit at dinner and threw her entire plate of taco pie on our walls, and finished up by hitting mom with her empty plate. Needless to say, Emily’s had a rough go of it today. So we’re celebrating with a few beergaritas and an episode of Mad Men tonight.

Despite the rough day on the kid end, it was adorable to see Jay pick out his book about snakes at the library typical 3 year old boy 🙂 and Hanna was adorable carrying her Madeline doll around the library. But Momjust spilled her beergarita, so this bartender is back on duty. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!





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