Hectic Month

Wow, when I think about it in retrospect, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been as busy as we have been.  But it has been a busy few months. In fact, according to my phone the last time I looked at our blog was in August!  Thankfully Emily is much better at keeping up with social media and I now realize that because of her diligence we are only a few weeks behind.  This post is my feeble attempt to bring us up-to-date 🙂

First and foremost, the big news is that Emily now has a new job. She has gone full-on back into the world of marketing and promotions, and from all accounts after her first two days, her decision to go back is 100% the right decision.  On the one hand, it is good because it’s at an agency that she has respected for a long time and is a perfect fit for her long-term career.  She knows the industry and enjoys the work.  But from my perspective, the coolest aspect is that when she came home these past two nights, she started right into lecturing me on marketing ideas and concepts that are far over my head.  One of Emily’s most attactive traits to me is her intellect.  I’ve always been amazed (and envious too) at her marketing and advertising abilities.  Emily is a fantastic stay-at-home mom/homemaker (I have the waistline to prove it), but there is no doubt in my mind that her creative talents go far beyond the walls of our single-family home and she has set herself on a path that will bring herself happiness and a path of which her children and I will be very proud.  It is exilirating to see someone you love rejuvenate a career at which they were so successful and know that her past accomplishments are merely the tip of the iceberg.  Needless to say, I am very proud of Emily and her ability to take on new challenges while still mastering the old challenges.

On the other hand, as Emily is now much busier, it means that a lot of our future blog updates may be reliant on me…but I promise I won’t let this thing go dormant!  I’ve learned that making promises on a blog is easier than keeping promises on a blog.  However, as an attorney, I also realize that the written word is memorialized forever, and breaking my promise to update the blog means and eternity of Thanksgivings and Christmases with in-laws reprimanding me about my neglect of my familial duties.  So, without further adeiu, may I present, pictures of Jay and Hanna sleeping (I admit, these are the only pictures I could get of them sitting still…Notice how their postures just seem to exclaim “I have the most wonderful and masculine father, whose attributes know no end and whose parental acumen is that upon which Dr.Phil could publish a New York Times Bestseller…or something like that).



And now that you have seen my peaceful, sleeping, and sometimes obedient children, I am happy to share with you their first two days of school.  Emily and I were afraid that Jay would have a hard time adapting to his new school because he had just settled in at his preschool at our church.  We figured Hanna would settle right in because she is so carefree at home.  I’m sure you can all see where this blog is going…mom & dad were completely wrong.  Jay cried when we dropped him off the first day, but at pick-up, his teacher said he was an angel and he was one of the best-behaved boys in the class.  On drop off the second day, he ran into his class, began chatting with his teacher and friends, and didn’t even have time to say “bye” to mommy because he was so excited to be at his new school.  Hanna, on the other hand, has not fared so well.  According to daycare, she does well for most of the day, but at random moments she will burst into fits of tears and scream for mommy or daddy.  Emily and I went through something similar with Jay before Hanna was born, so we’re pretty confident she’ll make it through.  But to see our little baby girl in such a fit is not easy.  Thankfully, we’ve had experience with this daycare and know how much they truly care about the children in their program, which makes it much easier for mom & dad.

In adult world things are going well.  We’re looking forward to Xmas and getting to see my parents and Craig, who will all be coming out to Colorado for Xmas.  Although, I just heard on the radio today that Colorado won’t be getting any snow for at least two weeks.  Hopefully we’ll get at least a little snow before Christmas actually arrives…it just feels weird listening to Christmas music when everything is brown and gray.

Anyway, we love you all and hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  We got to spend Thanksgiving in Lincoln and it was one of the best Thanksgivings in recent memory.  Being able to spend a long weekend with family and watch the kids harass grandma to no end was more than we could ask for.  In fact, I was so anxious to get to Lincoln and let the kids run free that I got a speeding ticket just outside of Ogallala, NE (ticketed for 10 over, but I won’t bore you with the details of how I was only going 9 over).  In some ways Emily and I are lucky because we don’t have any family within 500 miles of us (I often remind Emily of how lucky we are).  But the real reason we are so lucky is that because we live so far away, every time we see someone from our family we are truly happy and excited to see them.  It’s cliche to say “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but in all honesty, distance really does make Emily and I more appreciative of all the hard work and love that our families provide to us.   We may not see you all often, but you are definitely all in our thoughts, and we are extremely appreciative of every moment we get to spend with you – that has easily been solidified by our opportunity to get together for the family reunion with Emily’s family in Illinois and Andrea & Kyle’s wedding in North Carolina.  If we lived in a perfect world, it would be a world in which we all had as much vacation time as we wanted to fly on a moment’s notice to see each other.  But since we don’t live in a perfect world, you should all consider this blog an invitation to visit us in the mountains (whether you be winter snow bunnies or summer hiking enthusiasts).  Either way, please give me some reasonable notice so I have time to stockpile my Colorado microbrew cellar for your arrival.  In the meantime, I’ll try and round up pictures of our turkey day and post them in a somewhat reasonable fashion.

Happy Holidays!


The Mielkes


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