Craft of the Month – The Thankful Tree

We have been stressed out as a family for awhile. But we have been making conscious strides at taking time to appreciate what we have. So in the spirit of the upcoming November holiday I declared we start a new tradition- the thankful tree. Each night after dinner we sit as a family and share what we are thankful for that day. It’s easy and simple but impact full and a great reminder to be happy with what we have.

Craft of the Month- Thankful Tree
– Stick/branch found in the yard
– construction Paper leaves
– Twine

Jay is loving this. Everyday he reminds us it’s time to make our thankful leaves. That alone makes it worth it. Our plan is to take all of the leaves off on thanksgiving and read everyone’s leaves. The ultimate goal is to save each years leaves and re-read them later. Cheesy, maybe. Impact full for a 3 year old, hopefully. Adorable? Absolutely!



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