Race Track!

We are all still sick and the kids were up SUPER crazy early this morning. They were already bouncing off the walls by 8:30. I was desperate for a non-tv distraction. I’m still wiped out from the heinous cold we have and the lack of sleep we are getting due to kids waking up at all hours hacking up lungs.

I bought a new rug for the dining room last week and Colin told me to keep the big tube it came on. I brought it out and quick grabbed a race car. We made a big race track that Jay is LOVING!
We are crashing cars into toys, seeing which car can go farther, and even decorated the tube for the big race with stickers Jay got for his birthday.

Way to go Colin for making me keep this tube (usually he’s just a hoarder but it paid off this time)! And I’m going to go ahead and give kudos to myself for not sitting the kids in front of a movie…yet.




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