Crafty Activity Morning

The kids woke up early and we are still feeling gross. But we have seriously od-ed on cartoons over the weekend so I broke out the crafts. We did some “mommy-led” crafts which always turn out cute but give little creativity to the kids.

Footprint Ghosts-
-white paint
-black construction paper
-black crayon
-baby feet


After that I let Hanna freely paint and she took full advantage of the opportunity.



Next I brought out a muffin pan to try an activity I recently read about on a parenting blog. Hanna LOVED it. She’s still busy hence the reason I am able to get a blog in.

Muffin Pan Activity-
-muffin pan
-items that are sensory (squishy, soft, pointy etc) that are different textures and sizes. Make sure it’s nothing too small to choke on or poke their eyes out, you know, the usual.

Hanna moved things to different compartments, felt things, dropped them, used clothes pins to pick them up and more. It was great to watch and Jay was even interested…for a minute.




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