Three Years Old

Wow, what an amazing and crazy ride these last 3 years have been. I’ve been trying to think of a way to properly describe the emotions I have as a parent of a now 3 year old little boy. But nothing appropriate comes to mind. It’s impossible to clearly and correctly convey just how much you can love something that drives you so crazy. Jay has been a lot to handle from the start. By 2 weeks old he weighed more than I was supposed to be lifting after my c-section for crying out loud. (almost 10 lbs at birth and they tell you not to lift anything more than 10. Riiiiight). My back still aches just remembering what a giant kid he was. He’s still a big kid but now he has a big personality to match and each day brings us something completely new.

Trying to deal with a 3 year old is a lot like trying to predict which way a football will bounce. He can sit quietly, pay attention and absorb information or he completely goes nuts and starts spinning in circles and speaking in tongues. Jay can be very shy but once he opens up to you he’s your buddy for life and you will never get him to be quiet! He loves fiercely and is already “protecting” his sister when the kids play outside but he has no problem casually pushing her into the ground giving her a bloody forehead gash. Oh, siblings…

Our big boy achieved a lot of amazing things this year. He played on his first sports team, was potty trained, started preschool, and racked up some frequent flyer miles with all our crazy traveling. He’s old enough to have “favorites” and the things he tells us have Colin and I dying of laughter. We are so lucky to have such a rambunctious, lively, adventurous little boy.

We love you Jay. Happy Birthday big boy. xoxo


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