Craft of the Day – Paper Plate Pumpkins

Paper Plate Pumpkins
– paper plates
– orange paint
– construction paper
– pipe cleaners

Paint back of plate orange and adorn with black triangles or other jack-o-lantern shapes. My kids love gluing so Jay’s pumpkin got a little crazy with the shapes. We topped it off with a pipe cleaner leaf and a brown paper stem. Viola a life like pumpkin… Hehe.






Fun, Food, Crafts, and Chili

Whoa how is it only Tuesday?!

Yesterday we painted some of the baby pumpkins from the pumpkin patch this weekend. The kids love doing anything crafty and messy so this was a big hit.




This morning Jay is at school and I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row for the first annual chili cook-off at Jay’s preschool tomorrow. I volunteered to head it up which has been fun so far but now I’m getting kind of stressed out. I’m baking for it today and my first recipe has turned out great and sooo easy. Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles check it out here.


Later today I will attempt a chocolate cake so keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have a feeling it will probably be a failure. Ha. When it comes to baking in Colorado I just keep crashing and burning…

Off to go pick up Jay from school and continue this self-induced volunteer parent madness. What was I thinking?!

Race Track!

We are all still sick and the kids were up SUPER crazy early this morning. They were already bouncing off the walls by 8:30. I was desperate for a non-tv distraction. I’m still wiped out from the heinous cold we have and the lack of sleep we are getting due to kids waking up at all hours hacking up lungs.

I bought a new rug for the dining room last week and Colin told me to keep the big tube it came on. I brought it out and quick grabbed a race car. We made a big race track that Jay is LOVING!
We are crashing cars into toys, seeing which car can go farther, and even decorated the tube for the big race with stickers Jay got for his birthday.

Way to go Colin for making me keep this tube (usually he’s just a hoarder but it paid off this time)! And I’m going to go ahead and give kudos to myself for not sitting the kids in front of a movie…yet.




Crafty Activity Morning

The kids woke up early and we are still feeling gross. But we have seriously od-ed on cartoons over the weekend so I broke out the crafts. We did some “mommy-led” crafts which always turn out cute but give little creativity to the kids.

Footprint Ghosts-
-white paint
-black construction paper
-black crayon
-baby feet


After that I let Hanna freely paint and she took full advantage of the opportunity.



Next I brought out a muffin pan to try an activity I recently read about on a parenting blog. Hanna LOVED it. She’s still busy hence the reason I am able to get a blog in.

Muffin Pan Activity-
-muffin pan
-items that are sensory (squishy, soft, pointy etc) that are different textures and sizes. Make sure it’s nothing too small to choke on or poke their eyes out, you know, the usual.

Hanna moved things to different compartments, felt things, dropped them, used clothes pins to pick them up and more. It was great to watch and Jay was even interested…for a minute.




Sick, sick, sick

Our weekend was a bust. We had big plans to hit up the pumpkin patch and get a bunch of chores done around the house. All of these plans were thwarted by the first illness of the season. It hit Jay first on Friday, Hanna Saturday and Colin and me today. We’ve all been in bed by at least 8pm all three nights and have barely taken off our pj’s.


One cute thing that came out of the weekend is Jay’s new found interest in tea. We’ve been drinking a ton of it hoping to ward off the plague our children were carrying and he takes sips here and there. He asked Colin for it saying “Daddy I’m sick. I need some hot tea”. What a tiny English gentleman! (Then he wipes snot all over his face and coughs directly into your mouth).

Hopefully this week brings healthy vibes our way.


Sick baby snuggling daddy.

Toy Hangover

I recently bought a shelving unit with color coded baskets and spent hours organizing the kids toys. I purged some stuff and arranged things in a more “play-friendly” manner for our little people. I started to feel more on top of our situation. Then the birthday happened…

And with the all the great fun of the birthday party comes the aftermath. Until today, I couldn’t quite articulate how I felt about what was happening in our living room. But then I came across the most hilarious and concise way to describe it – a toy hangover.

Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for all of the amazing gifts Jay received for his birthday. (we really are. And I promise to prove it to you with thank you cards… someday). But our house is tiny and these toys keep multiplying and I’m starting to freak out. Where should I put this stuff?!

All I know is that I have a major hangover and I’m not quite sure what the metaphor for aspirin and gatorade in this story is just yet. Maybe for Jay’s fourth birthday we will get him a POD.