Surprise Trip to the Mountains

Colin called me around 10 am yesterday saying we were going to go to Keystone for a work conference he had…that night. No biggie other than he gave me no other info, the kids were being nuts, and I was going on my second full day of “single motherhood” and completely strung out. (This week has been extra busy for Colin. Leaving before we wake up and returning after kids asleep). Nevertheless, I somehow got us all packed and ready to go and we made it last night in one piece.

While Colin headed over to his conference this am the kids and I decided to go explore. We drove into Dillon and had breakfast at a super cute and super delicious local restaurant. The kids were reasonably well behaved aside from Jay constantly asking to go potty (not an easy task when your alone with two kids – bringing everyone and all your stuff into a tiny stall etc.) So that was fun.


From there we walked towards Lake Dillon to continue exploring. On the way down we came across an AWESOME playground right on the lake. It was gorgeous as the aspens are in full effect up here. The kids went buck wild and we played for a long time until Jay had to go potty again. I tell ya this potty thing is a blessing and a curse. Ha. It ended up being a super great morning and we are very thankful to get these opportunities.





I am now trying in vain to get them to nap. The pictures were just too fun not to share and I’m trying to maintain my sanity in a tiny room with two overtired children until daddy rescues me. 🙂

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