Game Night

On Wednesday we had our first ever weekly (hopefully) Mielke family game night. We have been so all over the place crazy lately and Colin has started a class that keeps him out until 7:30 one night a week. It was starting to feel like quantity instead of quality in the family time department. So we decided to take every Wednesday night to have a family dinner, no tv, a family game, and a long fun bedtime. I made Jay’s favorite dinner – spaghetti, broccoli, and garlic bread. (I think its so adorable that he’s getting old enough to have favorite foods). Later, Jay and Colin played checkers. Also Jay’s choice. The kids had a rambunctious bath with tons of splashing and of course Jay wore his “gobbles”. The kids jumped and wrestled on Jay’s bed and we read about 20 stories. Once the kids were in bed, Colin and I made a conscious effort not to talk about work, bills, or any other stresses. We just enjoyed each others company. This night seems so simple. It seems like every night should be this way and the fact that I had to plan it out and tell Colin ahead of time made me a little bummed. But the fact is we are always so busy and tired and consumed by other things that we forget to stop and experience our real lives. Sometimes you have to force yourself to take a minute and evaluate your real priorities. I’m glad we did. I’m excited for next week!


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