Mr Cool is Nearly Three!

We went to the dr for Jay’s 3 year check up a bit early this year. He doesn’t turn 3 for a month but we needed some forms completed for preschool.

Our big boy weighed in at 35 lbs 14 oz and measured 39 inches tall. He remains in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. He was thoroughly checked out and given a glowing approval from the dr. We discussed his behavior and personality traits as well as discipline ideas and possible parenting class options. Basically, Jay is super healthy but super strong willed and I needed this dr to shed some light on my predicament.

He said that Jay seemed very healthy and very intelligent. (I smile and look at Jay adoringly as he opens and shuts every drawer in the room and proceeds to pry the stirrups into position on the examination table. What an intelligent boy). He said that some of our brightest leaders and personalities gave their parents a heck of a time when they were young and that the terrible twos are a pretty big myth. (I continue to smile thinking of my son as some amazing entrepreneur). It’s the terrible twos – fours usually. Terrible twos is just some cute alliteration.

Ummm WHAT?! My reverie is immediately interrupted when I hear the number four. Seriously? So what he’s telling me is I may well have another year of this madness. Ok… I’ve come this far I guess. And if my son is going to be the next Steve Jobs or something I can handle 12 additional months of shingles inducing anxiety. But slowly another horrible revelation comes to light. By the time Jay gets his act together, Hanna will be in the throws of her “terribles”.

Oh. S#^+.

We leave the drs office with a proud nearly three year old enjoying a sucker for being “good” during the visit and a 14 month old happily drinking her bottle and playing with a toy truck of her brothers. I realize I am madly in love with and deeply terrified of them both. Who knows whats in for us next.

Cue Halloween theme song music….




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