All in a Day

So, I have turned into a terrible blogger. Any followers I had are probably long gone, and the ones I still have are only around out of pity or pure curiosity as to whether I’m still alive. Well, I am alive. We all are. But by a thread. Ha. I tell people that being a SAHM is incredibly busy getting nothing done. I rarely sit down because I am always doing something that will be immediately undone by two midget tornadoes.

Just an idea of what that looks like here’s a taste of our day so far and it’s only 12:45…

5:30 – Colin awake getting ready for work/leaving the house for the early bus.
5:50 – Hanna awake screaming. She’s been up 3 times through the night with teething pain. She used to sleep 7:30-7:30. This week it’s been 7:30/8ish to 10, 3, 6ish
6:10 – Jay awake because of Hanna and Parker
6:30 – everyone has pottied, diaper changed etc and we are downstairs. Meltdown 1 of the day occurs


7:10 – everyone has eaten and been cleaned off. I have downed 2.5 cups of coffee and starting to think I can handle the day. Meltdown 4ish happens because Jay wants to watch the Lorax and I refuse to put a movie in this early.
9ish – notice the dog has gotten into a bunch of the outside garbage waiting for garbage man. Text people about them wanting our dog. Do laundry, feed devil dog, take good away to keep Hanna from eating it, help Jay go potty a million times because he insists on drinking a gallon of milk a day. Get diaper out of DVD player.

10:10 – kids snacking on vanilla wafers. Hanna screams, Parker runs away chomping. He’s eaten all of hers. Jay
chases Parker in a fashion that looks homicidal. I debate on whether I should stop Parker’s imminent death. Decide I should.
10:15 – pack picnic to meet Colin for lunch after Jay’s dr appt.
10:20 – kids playing NICELY together. Not hitting or stealing toys. No horrendous kids show on in the background. Peacefulness. Ahhh.
10:40 – interrupt the peace against every instinct I can to get Jay to Dr at 11.
11-12 corral children in a drs office. Fight with Jay to be weighed/measured etc

12-12:30 – eat picnic in front yard. Colin had to cancel because of big project. Hanna repeatedly tries to run into street. Picnic ends.
12:30-1 – clean up, Jay finds chapstick and practically bathes in it, potty, diapers, watch nap time cartoon head upstairs. Mom prays for nap time and gets ready to start packing for the trip tomorrow.


This is why I have no time to blog. I’m trying to constantly prevent death whether accidental or intentional. If Parker had any brains about him he would just run far far away. 🙂

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