Out and About

We’ve been out and about as usual. “Constantly doing something but getting nothing done”. This is the mantra Colin and I feel now best describes our lives. We rarely are just sitting around doing nothing, but we rarely have anything to show for it either. This is basically a picture update for the grandparents. 🙂

One exciting thing to report is that Jay is almost completely potty trained!! He is still wearing diapers at night and during nap time but he’s waking up almost completely dry. We think this weekend we may test out big boy undies at night and see how he does. He’s seriously doing awesome and sometimes goes completely on his own. We were playing hide and go seek today and he was gone a little longer than usual. I called for him when I heard a flush (never a good feeling to hear a mysterious flush when there is a 2 year old on the loose). He came running out of the bathroom grinning ear to ear. “I pottied all by myself” he exclaimed. Big boy. We’ve most likely given him a mouth full of cavities however as his reward for going #2 was a Popsicle. He was having a hard time going in the potty so our bribe had to be a good one. Yesterday the kid had 4 Popsicles. Yikes.


Jay after his 356578 Popsicle of the day. He also had 2 baths just to rid him of his sugar coated stickiness.



We attempted the pool for the first time this season over the weekend as well. FAIL. We were there for barely 2 hours. 30 minutes of which were spent on the sidelines while we waited for lightning to pass. Another 30 minutes going to and from the bathroom with a potty training toddler. 30 minutes here and there spent eating lunch or having bottles and juice breaks. Possibly 5 minutes max spent in the water while Jay screamed and people looked at us like we were abusive. The remaining odd minutes were spent unpacking our picnic stuff, putting on sunscreen, begging Jay to try the water or at least the fountains or at least put a foot in, repacking picnic goods, walking back to the car. Hence the reason all above photos are of people eating.

Good gravy, honestly, I am considering anti-anxiety medication.

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