A Night on the Town

Colin and I were lucky enough to get to attend the Downtown Denver Partnership Awards Dinner with his firm last night. It was my first ever black-tie event and I had a blast.

It was so fun to have our babysitter come over and help me pick out shoes. It felt great to put on one of my glam Stella & Dot necklaces. It was such a nice break from reality to get out for a fancy night on the town on a Wednesday. Basically, it was exactly what a SAHM like me needed.

Besides being a hot spot for people watching, the event was really interesting and inspiring. The awards were for projects that brought beauty, acclaim, and uniqueness to the downtown atmosphere over the past year. I loved listening to the stories behind the accomplishments and knowing that Colin’s job helps make some of those things happen. Very cool. The entire evening definitely fanned the flames of the desire I have growing to get back into the workforce. But we’ll talk more about that another day…

Below is the only good picture we got of the evening. Don’t we just belong at black tie functions? I’m thinking yes. Definitely yes.


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