Mom Enough

If you have even glanced at the internet within the last few days you have heard about the controversial cover story in Time Magazine. The mag plasters a breastfeeding mom on the cover. Not the biggest deal right? The kid is 3. People are weirded out. The article is not just about nursing older kids. It’s about the expectations of motherhood and how it effects every aspect of a woman’s life.

I must admit, I have fallen prey to mommy guilt, mommy comparisons, mommy judgements, and at times even mommy despair. I know people say its because of things like the explosion of social media like pinterest showcasing all of the incredible meals and crafts I should be doing with my kids. Or the hippie resurgence of natural births, prolonged breast feeding, and pre-chewing your kids food (anyone see Alicia Silverstone do this??? I MEAN COME ON). And as always, strangers love to share their opinions on how YOU are raising YOUR kids. I was recently told it was a bad idea to have my son in soccer because he is too young. Or if I even hold my daughter because she was in her car carrier. Who do you think you are asking a mother if she holds her own baby? Two words for that lady. Shut. Up.

But I don’t blame anyone but myself. I have an incredible support system. My family is very positive about my choices and my husband is my biggest cheerleader. I bring it all on myself and I know it. In one form or another I ask myself if I’m “mom enough” at least once each day. Not to mention “wife enough”, “friend enough”, “woman enough”. After reading the Time article, peoples crazy responses on Facebook etc, I felt compelled to write a response of my own. But then my kids started crying and pooping their pants so I am going to share a blog that says pretty much exactly how I feel about it. 🙂

mom enough response

Because it shouldn’t be about who can nurse their kids the longest or gave birth in their kitchen sink. If you have happy, healthy, well adjusted children you are doing something right. And no, it will never be perfect. And no, you are never going to look the same in your pre-baby clothes. Trust me.

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