Craft of the Day – Chalk Learning

This isn’t really a craft but once I realized how Jay was processing this activity I wanted to share it.

We’ve been trying to have some “school” time during the day. Learning numbers, letters, colors, Spanish etc. Well getting a 2 1/2 year old to sit still and take interest in any of these things in a traditional way is nearly impossible. As I’ve mentioned before, I have extreme guilt and basically plain old regret about taking Jay out of his daycare. He was learning so much there and I have major misgivings when it comes to my teaching measuring up. I just hope he stays curious and bright and continues to learn even the minor things I teach him.

So I took the opportunity to use our outside play to practice our letters and numbers. We spelled out each family member’s name and made a little hopscotch grid. Jay jumped through all the numbers in English and Spanish. We tried to recognize letters in everyone’s name and see if there were any duplicates. It was a fun learning game and he did really well for about 20 minutes. Then he was over it and wanted to watch Elmo. Hey, you do what you can.




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