Craft of the Day – Felt Board

Hot glue

On Friday we totally ripped off a project a fellow mom friend of ours blogged about. She has tons of great ideas and her son is only one month younger than Jay so its fun to see what she does with him and try to adapt it to our family.

We glued big pieces of felt to cardboard to make a sturdy backdrop and then cut out animals, shapes, cars, etc. and used them for imaginative play on our boards. The whole thing cost under $10 and was super fun for both kids … and me.

I’m addicted to cutting out felt objects.

Seriously. It’s like. really. addicting.






We’ve been out and about a lot lately. We’ve gone bowling, to the river, to Lookout Mountain, to the aquarium, to the Apex Center and more. Not to mention our bike rides and walks to the park. The kids and I are enjoying the start to summer and definitely exploring Denver. Here are some photos of our recent adventures.




White Fence Farm

I am lucky enough to be holding a Stella & Dot event at White Fence Farm. It is a real Denver tradition and an adorable place to go with your family. We had never been to the grounds and I wanted to check out the space where we will be having the trunk show so the fam and I headed over on Saturday night. We all had a blast strolling around playing in the amazing tree house (seriously this thing is cool), petting the animals, and perusing the shops. I’m sooo excited for the event!!




Hanna was prescribed her first ever medicine yesterday for a sinus infection. She has had 3 doses and is looking worse and worse by the minute now. I’m waiting on a call back from the dr’s office but as of now I am not too pleased. This has been a doosey of a week for us. Hope to be able to update with more fun and happy news soon.


Crazy prescription name. Hanna with 3 h’s? Seriously?


The start of it all…


Getting worse. My poor baby.