Craft of the Day – Egg Bugs and Number Games

Well, my craft of the day was not that awesome. We got the idea from pinterest (really, you say? Yes, I say. Do you have any of your own creativity, you say? You try thinking up unique ideas on your own while feeding a toddler a semi-healthy lunch, keeping your dog from attacking the mailman, and holding a breastfeeding infant ALL AT THE SAME TIME, I say). Jay lost interest in egg bugs mighty quick. BUT, from lame craft’s ashes came fun learning game’s birth. I decided to create a fun counting game from the materials we used for the craft.

Craft of the Day – Egg Bugs (Jay thought it was lame) Adapted from

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Pipe cleaners (every SAHMS go-to item)
  • Stickers
  • Markers/decorative items

Awesome Counting Game (adapted from my brilliant mom brain)

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Construction paper
  • Ability to count to 10

I decided Jay and I needed some more “learning” opportunities. (This goes back to the mom-guilt I’ve previously eluded to. Still not ready to completely dive into that just yet). So I drew dots on some paper and jammed them in the eggs. This turned out to be awesome and a counting game that lasted almost an hour. I would say keeping a 2 year old’s attention that long is a pretty great accomplishment in itself, no matter what the activity. He loved opening the eggs and seeing what number was inside. We counted the dots together and gathered the corresponding amount of eggs. Later we would pick papers from the pile of already opened eggs, count the dots, and gather the same amount of eggs. Sounds very simple and maybe even boring. But Jay loved it, I felt like he was learning a bit, and Hanna was sleeping. So it worked for everyone. I am SUCH a great mom. 😉

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