Let’s Ride Bikes

You may or may not remember the absolute enormous disaster Jay’s first bike ride was from a post about a year and a half ago. Well if you don’t remember, it was bad. Like really bad. Like so bad that strangers were coming out of their homes to see who was torturing a small child. (I’m serious).

He HATED it.

Well Ms Hanna Marie was the complete opposite. She loves it. We went on our first ride last night and then again tonight. She rides in the seat babbling behind me just taking in the sights. It’s so adorable. The last time I rode my bike I was about 8 months pregnant. Riding with her in the seat behind me is a whole lot easier than riding with her inside me that’s for sure. We’re making nightly post dinner bike rides a part of the routine now that the weather is so great. It’s a relaxing and fun way to spend some time as a family. We love it.




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