Playground Photo Shoot


Shameless mom display of kid pictures.

You know that moment at work or at a party when someone whips out their wallet (um never mind this isn’t 1991. No one carries wallet pictures anymore) or more likely their cellphone, and tries to show you some adorable pictures of their kids? Usually their kid is not that cute, or whatever their doing in the picture is not that interesting. Or worse, the kid has a lazy eye and its playing with a 3 legged dog and the picture is all kinds of weird but very, like, philanthropic feeling or something. And you can’t really laugh but you want to?

This is kind of like that moment (minus lazy eye or crippled dog). I have nothing to say about these pictures. No witty comments or hilarious anecdotes. They are just REALLY cute. To me anyway. Because I’m the mom. Hey, at least I warned you.


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