Craft of the Day – Cork Painting

We’ve been outside all morning enjoying the gorgeous day. It’s due to be in the mid 80’s today and I am loving it! Being home with the kids is a million times easier when we have somewhere to play other than our tiny house. After making ourselves lightheaded from blowing bubbles for two hours, I brought the troops in the house for a little craft time.

Cork Painting – Hand-print Trees

  • Washable paint
  • Construction paper
  • Wine corks
  • Creativity

We painted Jay’s hand brown to be the trunk/branches of the tree and dabbed the corks in green paint for leaves. I’ve seen this done with q-tips or any other kinds of sponges. We just happened to have corks because, well, that’s the kind of people we are. (Insert judgement here). It was a fun way to wind down and cool off after playing outside. Now I’m trying to gear up for the daily “nap war”. Jay might have a lot more corks to paint with soon…

2 thoughts on “Craft of the Day – Cork Painting

  1. Thank you! Sadly they are not our own feet. It’s a stock image I found online. Pathetic huh? If they were ours it would have been totally blurry and someone’s foot would most likely have been dirty. Or had a hang nail or something.

    We did have a “family foot picture” taken when Jay was about 5 months old. Super cute. Now he’s way too crazy to put to tolerate such manufactured cuteness. waaaahh!

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