Batter Up!

Our family is very into baseball. We’ve been Twins fans forever and now we are finally coming around to our new hometown team. The Rockies acquired one of Minnesota’s best players and we got a chance to meet him last week.

Colin was like a kid and so excited to get a baseball signed by Micheal Cuddyer last Friday. He signed a homer hankie for us too… AWESOME. After our brush with celebrity, we were all hopped up and excited. Strangely enough, the autograph signing was strategically placed right next to the Rockies ticket counter. Being the fools that we are, bought tickets to the game that night thinking what a fun family outing it would be. Both kids first baseball game! So we dropped Colin back at work and I took the kids home thinking the afternoon would sail by. Colin would be home to take us all out to the ballgame in no time at all.

Fast forward 4 hours, countless meltdowns, 0 naps, and 3 glasses of wine and it was time to take 2 very tired and cranky children downtown to a loud sporting event due to start at their bedtime. BRILLIANT IDEA MOM AND DAD!!

To our surprise it turned out awesome. The kids lasted 4 innings and we had a lot of fun. There were some challenging moments – Jay yelling at people around to be quiet when they cheered loudly, or Hanna spilling Colin’s $7.50 Coors light after 2 sips. But overall it was really fun and I’m glad we did something that daring on a whim. The Rockies even ended up winning! We are getting braver as parents and I’m proud of us. Part of it is because our kids are getting a little older but part of it is realizing we need to leave the safety of our four walls every once in awhile.

Go Rockies!

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