We’re Back!

Hi Everyone! We’re back!

I’ve finally taken the time to get a new and improved blog up and running. I’ve been wanting to tackle this for awhile but I have two other little responsibilities in my life constantly demanding to be fed or changed or paid attention to, which makes getting things done mighty challenging sometimes. (For example, I’ve had to go and threaten Jay 3 times since I’ve started trying to write this post. It’s nap time and he’s not napping. Go figure). I’m still learning this new format so you may see things that need tweaking. I hope to get it all figured out soon. Please feel free to comment on this below, or any post we write with anything you see or would like to see. I’m mainly talking to you, Dad…

I have tons of back pictures I want to post and things I need to catch people up on but instead of rehashing every day of the last 2 – 3 weeks, I’m just going to start fresh from today and drop some of the old stuff in along the way.

Today we did a craft I modified from pinterest. We painted little rocks to look like bugs and add to our “garden”. All that exists in said garden at the moment are a few little bushes and some pansies. I can’t wait to finally dig in the dirt and get some color in our little backyard. Jay is excited too and talks about the beautiful flowers we will have “once the snow is all melted”. (Which it is but he doesn’t quite get the whole wait until after mother’s day to plant rule). I’m really trying to do a decent craft at least every other day. And by decent I mean something more than just finger painting or coloring in a coloring book. I’m beginning to have extreme guilt about taking Jay out of daycare so I want to stimulate him as best as I can. But that whole mom-guilt is an entirely different issue that we won’t go into today…

Jay in the garden and our “rock bugs”

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