Craft of the Day – Egg Bugs and Number Games

Well, my craft of the day was not that awesome. We got the idea from pinterest (really, you say? Yes, I say. Do you have any of your own creativity, you say? You try thinking up unique ideas on your own while feeding a toddler a semi-healthy lunch, keeping your dog from attacking the mailman, and holding a breastfeeding infant ALL AT THE SAME TIME, I say). Jay lost interest in egg bugs mighty quick. BUT, from lame craft’s ashes came fun learning game’s birth. I decided to create a fun counting game from the materials we used for the craft.

Craft of the Day – Egg Bugs (Jay thought it was lame) Adapted from

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Pipe cleaners (every SAHMS go-to item)
  • Stickers
  • Markers/decorative items

Awesome Counting Game (adapted from my brilliant mom brain)

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Construction paper
  • Ability to count to 10

I decided Jay and I needed some more “learning” opportunities. (This goes back to the mom-guilt I’ve previously eluded to. Still not ready to completely dive into that just yet). So I drew dots on some paper and jammed them in the eggs. This turned out to be awesome and a counting game that lasted almost an hour. I would say keeping a 2 year old’s attention that long is a pretty great accomplishment in itself, no matter what the activity. He loved opening the eggs and seeing what number was inside. We counted the dots together and gathered the corresponding amount of eggs. Later we would pick papers from the pile of already opened eggs, count the dots, and gather the same amount of eggs. Sounds very simple and maybe even boring. But Jay loved it, I felt like he was learning a bit, and Hanna was sleeping. So it worked for everyone. I am SUCH a great mom. 😉


Let’s Ride Bikes

You may or may not remember the absolute enormous disaster Jay’s first bike ride was from a post about a year and a half ago. Well if you don’t remember, it was bad. Like really bad. Like so bad that strangers were coming out of their homes to see who was torturing a small child. (I’m serious).

He HATED it.

Well Ms Hanna Marie was the complete opposite. She loves it. We went on our first ride last night and then again tonight. She rides in the seat babbling behind me just taking in the sights. It’s so adorable. The last time I rode my bike I was about 8 months pregnant. Riding with her in the seat behind me is a whole lot easier than riding with her inside me that’s for sure. We’re making nightly post dinner bike rides a part of the routine now that the weather is so great. It’s a relaxing and fun way to spend some time as a family. We love it.




Playground Photo Shoot


Shameless mom display of kid pictures.

You know that moment at work or at a party when someone whips out their wallet (um never mind this isn’t 1991. No one carries wallet pictures anymore) or more likely their cellphone, and tries to show you some adorable pictures of their kids? Usually their kid is not that cute, or whatever their doing in the picture is not that interesting. Or worse, the kid has a lazy eye and its playing with a 3 legged dog and the picture is all kinds of weird but very, like, philanthropic feeling or something. And you can’t really laugh but you want to?

This is kind of like that moment (minus lazy eye or crippled dog). I have nothing to say about these pictures. No witty comments or hilarious anecdotes. They are just REALLY cute. To me anyway. Because I’m the mom. Hey, at least I warned you.


Busy Weekend

Our weekend was jam packed and went by far too quickly as usual. Saturday was soccer, running errands, and my cooking club. Sunday, Colin golfed in the morning with a friend while I played at home with the kids. Sunday afternoon Hanna and I went to a friends baby shower while the boys stayed home and went on a bike ride. Hopefully the weather is beautiful for you and your weekend was relaxing. Below are some random pictures from the weekend.

Jay and I laying on a blanket outside looking at the clouds after soccer practice

Hanna being a little beauty queen while her brother napped

Jay playing in the princess tent with our next door neighbor Faith.

Craft of the Day – Cork Painting

We’ve been outside all morning enjoying the gorgeous day. It’s due to be in the mid 80’s today and I am loving it! Being home with the kids is a million times easier when we have somewhere to play other than our tiny house. After making ourselves lightheaded from blowing bubbles for two hours, I brought the troops in the house for a little craft time.

Cork Painting – Hand-print Trees

  • Washable paint
  • Construction paper
  • Wine corks
  • Creativity

We painted Jay’s hand brown to be the trunk/branches of the tree and dabbed the corks in green paint for leaves. I’ve seen this done with q-tips or any other kinds of sponges. We just happened to have corks because, well, that’s the kind of people we are. (Insert judgement here). It was a fun way to wind down and cool off after playing outside. Now I’m trying to gear up for the daily “nap war”. Jay might have a lot more corks to paint with soon…

Family Date Night

I was feeling a little stir crazy today so I piled the kids in the car to pick daddy up from work and go on a “family date night”. The kids were well behaved *gasp* and we all had a good time exploring one of Denver’s fun nitchy neighborhoods – the Highlands.

We started at the Ale house where Colin and I split a wild boar burger. It was actually pretty good! We love bison burgers so we thought we’d give it a try. It was very lean and pretty tasty. Jay played on our phones and Hanna smiled and laughed at all of her admirers. She’s turning into quite a ham.

After dinner we walked down the street to Little Man Ice Cream; a Denver institution. It’s an adorable mom and pop I’ve cream stand with super tasty ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. DELISH! Jay was in hog heaven. He chowed down on some strawberry ice cream and rode the little slide like a maniac. The whole fam thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Even little Hanna bear ate her first nibbles of ice cream!




Batter Up!

Our family is very into baseball. We’ve been Twins fans forever and now we are finally coming around to our new hometown team. The Rockies acquired one of Minnesota’s best players and we got a chance to meet him last week.

Colin was like a kid and so excited to get a baseball signed by Micheal Cuddyer last Friday. He signed a homer hankie for us too… AWESOME. After our brush with celebrity, we were all hopped up and excited. Strangely enough, the autograph signing was strategically placed right next to the Rockies ticket counter. Being the fools that we are, bought tickets to the game that night thinking what a fun family outing it would be. Both kids first baseball game! So we dropped Colin back at work and I took the kids home thinking the afternoon would sail by. Colin would be home to take us all out to the ballgame in no time at all.

Fast forward 4 hours, countless meltdowns, 0 naps, and 3 glasses of wine and it was time to take 2 very tired and cranky children downtown to a loud sporting event due to start at their bedtime. BRILLIANT IDEA MOM AND DAD!!

To our surprise it turned out awesome. The kids lasted 4 innings and we had a lot of fun. There were some challenging moments – Jay yelling at people around to be quiet when they cheered loudly, or Hanna spilling Colin’s $7.50 Coors light after 2 sips. But overall it was really fun and I’m glad we did something that daring on a whim. The Rockies even ended up winning! We are getting braver as parents and I’m proud of us. Part of it is because our kids are getting a little older but part of it is realizing we need to leave the safety of our four walls every once in awhile.

Go Rockies!